Ian D. K. Kelly

Computer languages I know fluently:
Algol 60, Cobol, Fortran, PL/I, Pascal, C, IBM Assembler, MVS JCL, BNF, Basic, SQL (StorHouse, Oracle and Sybase).


Computer languages I know well – but not quite as fluently:

C++, awk, perl, REXX

Operating systems I know well:
IBM MVS, MS/DOS, Windows (3.1, 95, NT and 2000 etc.), OS/2, Unix (in many varieties: SCO, HP/UX, AIX, Linux, etc.), IBM VM, DEC VMS, ADAM.

Computer languages and operating systems I have used (but currently cannot remember fluently):
Primos, RPG, Coral, IBM 7094, Atlas, CHLF3, CPL, APL, Ada, Nicol, Algol 68.

Human languages spoken and read:
French (fluently), Latin (rather slowly), Sanskrit (not very well), and a smattering of Italian and Spanish. I started learning Russian and German once ... but I concentrated too much on my work to get very far in these!

I drive (clean driving licence). I have a passport, and have worked abroad (in Paris). I do not smoke, but can (when appropriate) be persuaded to drink good wine. I am boringly neat and tidy in my personal appearance ... I am always ready to meet a client.

Just contact me ...

Phone: +44 (0) 1276 857 599 or +44 (0) 7957 101 430  or e-mail: idkk@idkk.com