Ian D. K. Kelly


Music is the most splendid, seductive, thrilling, magical, a-logical, wild, peaceful,enlightening, calming, exciting, thought-provoking art that I know.

I love "Classical" music, and play the piano, church organ, and recorders. I also was privileged to be the musical director of The Bisley Ladies Choir whom I forced (though never against their will) to sing madrigals, airs from musicals, folk songs, carols, glees and lots more. (For more information see BLC).

When not conducting and singing with the ladies, I used to sing with my (rather eccentric) Male Voice Quartet. It was an eccentric quartet as it had five singers we joked that we always had one extra to pour the beer. In fact The Acorn Singers were able to sing trios, quartets and quintets of wide-ranging styles. The earliest music we sang was from the fifteenth century: the latest was composed specifically for us.

There is some (not very good) music I have written - to read or listen to.

And more - to read or listen to.

Peter Priechenfried, R.I.P.

John Coward, R.I.P.

Phone: +44 (0) 1276 857 599 or e-mail: idkk@idkk.com